Publications concernant Madagascar

Date de mise à jour : 7 octobre 2015

Bud, leaf and stem essential oil composition of Syzygium aromaticum from Madagascar, Indonesia and Zanzibar
Razafimamonjison G., Jahiel M., Duclos T., Ramanoelina P., Fawbush F., Danthu P.. 2014. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 3 : 224-233 .

Experience from fifteen years of Malagasy lychee export campaigns.
Jahiel M., Andreas C., Penot E.. 2014. Fruits 69 : 1-18. 

Utilisation d'indicateurs économiques pertinents pour l'évaluation des systèmes de production agricoles en termes de résilience, vulnérabilité et durabilité : le cas de la région du lac Alaotra à Madagascar.
Penot E., Benz H., Bar M.. 2014. Ethique et économique 11: 44-61.

Prevalence of antimicrobial residues in pork meat in Madagascar.
Rakotoharinome V.M., Pognon D., Randriamparany T., Chane Ming J., Idoumbin J.P., Cardinale E., Porphyre V.. 2014. Tropical animal health and production 46 : 49-55. 

The role of extinct giant tortoises in the germination of extant baobab Adansonia rubrostipa seeds in Madagascar
Andriantsaralaza S., Pedrono M., Tassin J., Roger E., Rakouth, Danthu P.. 2014. African journal of ecology 52 : 246-249. 

Trade-offs around the use of biomass for livestock feed and soil cover in dairy farms in the Alaotra lake region of Madagascar
Naudin K.,Bruelle G.,Salgado P.,Penot E.,Scopel E.,Lubbers M.,de Ridder N.,Giller K.E. 2014. Agricultural Systems 

Understanding the impact and adoption of conservation agriculture in Africa: A multi-scale analysis
Corbeels M., De Graaff J., Ndah H.T., Penot E., Baudron F., Naudin K., Andrieu N., Chirat G., Schuler J., Nyagumbo I., Rusinamhodzi L., Traore K., Mzoba H.D., Adolwa I.S.. 2014. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 187 : 155-170.

Competition overauthority and access: International land deals in Madagascar
Burnod P., Gingembre M., Andrianirina Ratsialonana R. 2013. Developmentand Change 44 : 357-379.

Processus d’acquisition foncière à grande échelle à Madagascar : quelles régulations sur le terrain ?
Burnod P., Andrianirina Ratsialonana R., Teyssier A. 2013. Cahiers agricultures 22 : 33-38.

Le foncier : facteur ou marqueur de l'évolution des agricultures ?
Burnod P., Tonneau J.P. 2013. Cahiers agricultures 22 : 4-9.

Recompositions inattendues d'un système agraire malgache par l'agrobusiness
Medernach K., Burnod P.. 2013. Etudes rurales n°191 : 63-76.

Processus d'acquisition foncière à grande échelle à Madagascar : quelles régulations sur le terrain ?
Burnod P., Andrianirina Ratsialonana R., Teyssier A.. 2013. Cahiers agricultures 22 : 33-38.

Competition over authority and access: International land deals in Madagascar
Burnod P., Gingembre M., Andrianirina Ratsialonana R.. 2013. Development and Change 44 : 357-379.

Incorporating institutions, norms and territories in a generic model to simulate the management of renewable resources
Aubert S., Müller J.P.. 2013. Artificial Intelligence and Law 21 : 47-48.

Nuclear microsatellite variation in Malagasy baobabs (Adansonia, Bombacoideae, Malvaceae) reveals past hybridization and introgression
Leong Pock Tsy J.M., Lumaret R., Flaven-Noguier E., Sauve M., Dubois M.P., Danthu P.. 2013.Annals of botany 112 : 1759-1773

Creating synergies between conservation agriculture and cattle production in crop-livestock farms: A study case in the lake Alaotra region of Madagascar
Andriarimalala J., Rakotozandriny J.D.N., Andriamandroso A.L.H., Penot E., Naudin K., Dugué P., Tillard E., Decruyenaere V., Salgado P.. 2013. Experimental agriculture 49 : 352-365.

The original features of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genetic diversity and the importance of within-variety diversity in the highlands of Madagascar build a strong case for in situ conservation
Radanielina T., Ramanantsoanirina A., Raboin L.M., Frouin J., Perrier X., Brabant P., Ahmadi N.. 2013. Genetic resources and crop evolution 60 : 311-323.

New data regarding distribution of cattle ticks in the south-western Indian Ocean islands
Stachurski F., Tortosa P., Rahajarison P., Jacquet J., Yssouf A., Huber K.. 2013. Veterinary research 44 

Residues of medroxyprogesterone acetate detected in sows at a slaughterhouse, Madagascar
Porphyre V., Rakotoharinome V.M., Randriamparany T., Pognon D., Prévost S., Le Bizec B.. 2013. Food additives and contaminants. Part A: Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure and risk assessment 30 : 2108-2113.

Control of cysticercosis in Madagascar: Beware of the pitfalls
Rasamoelina-Andriamanivo H., Porphyre V., Jambou R.. 2013. Trends in parasitology 29 : 538-547.

Création variétale pour la riziculture pluviale d'altitude à Madagascar : bilan de 25 années de sélection
Raboin L.M., Ramanantsoanirina A., Dzido J.L., Frouin J., Radanielina T., Tharreau D., Dusserre J., Ahmadi N.. 2013. Cahiers agricultures 22 : 450-458.

Effects of phenological stages on yield and composition of essential oil of Syzygium aromaticum buds from Madagascar
Razafimamonjison D.E.N.G., Jahiel M., Ramanoelina P., Fawbush F., Danthu P.. 2013. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2 : 312-318.

Description and analysis of the cattle trade network in the Madagascar highlands: Potential role in the diffusion of Rift Valley fever virus
Nicolas G., Durand B., Duboz R., Rakotondravao R., Chevalier V.. 2013. Acta tropica 126 : 19-27.

Vulnerability of baobab species to climate change and effectiveness of the protected area network in Madagascar: Towards new conservation priorities.
Vieilledent G., Cornu C., Cuni Sanchez A., Leong Pock Tsy J.M., Danthu P.. 2013. Biological Conservation 166 : 11-22.

Insight into the biology, genetics and evolution of the Centella asiatica polyploid complex in Madagascar.
Rakotondralambo Raoseta S.O., Rodier-Goud M., Rivallan R., Lussert A, Danthu P., De Lamotte F., Ralambofetra E., Ramavovololona P., Noyer J.L., Baurens F.C. 2013. Industrial Crops and Products 47 : 118– 125 

Positive effects of climate change on rice in Madagascar.
Gerardeaux E, Giner M, Ramanantsoanirina A, Dusserre J. 2012. Agronomy for Sustainable Development 32:619–627 

The Influence of Certain Taxonomic and Environmental Parameters on Biomass Production and Triterpenoid Content in the Leaves of Centella asiatica (L.) Urb. from Madagascar
Rahajanirina V., Rakotondralambo Raoseta S.O., Roger E., Razafindrazaka H., Pirotais S., Bouchet M., Danthu P.. 2012. Chemistry and biodiversity 9 : 298-308.

The role of wild mammals in the maintenance of rift valley fever virus.
Olive M.M., Goodman S.M., Reynes J.M. 2012. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48: 241–266 

Régulations des investissements agricoles à grande échelle : études de Madagascar et du Mali.
Burnod P., Papazian H., Adamczewski A., Bosc P.M., Tonneau J.P., Jamin J.Y. 2011. Afrique contemporaine 1 : 111-129.

Regulation of Large-Scale Agricultural Investment: Case Studies in Madagascar and Mali
Burnod P., Papazian H., Adamczewski A., Bosc P.M., Tonneau J.P., Jamin J.Y. 2011. Afrique contemporaine 1 : 111-129.

Date de mise à jour : 7 octobre 2015

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